Tournaments at Casino Mona

In addition to their incredible selection of slots, video poker, and classic casino games, the Casino Mona offers several opportunities throughout the year for players to test their gaming skills with a variety of online tournaments. By signing up, players can set themselves up to win incredible prizes and bonuses. If players test their skills and come out on top of the tournament, they could win up to $500,000. With prizes like that, it's no wonder the Mona Casino tournaments are growing in popularity.
Tournament Structures
Each of the individual tournaments at Casino Mona have a unique structure. Some of the biggest tournaments revolve around a series of the casino's most popular games. Players earn points for every bet they make, but on certain days, the bets placed on specific games will earn more points. As players accumulate wins, they increase their point total even more. Other tournaments are dedicated to specific games. A blackjack tournament will pit players against each other, attempting to earn more points as they battle against the house for huge wins.
Winning the Tournaments
Players can win tournaments at the Mona Casino by a few different means. For tournaments based on the point system, players earn points for every bet they make. Whether the bets are small or large, they're slowly accumulating points. The trick is to schedule each bet to maximize the points earned. If players are awarded 3 times the number of points on roulette one day, and 7 times the number of points on blackjack the next, it might be best for players to reserve their heavy hitting bets for the day when they'll earn the most points. However, the entire goal of the tournament is to maximize the fun for everyone involved. If players get too caught up in the idea of winning, they'll ultimately miss the point.

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